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Kotex Antibacterial Liners 2 x 16s


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Kotex Antibacterial Liners are equipped with antibacterial layers derived from natural ingredients. This mechanism helps prevent bacterial growth to aid in odor control. Keep yourself feeling fresh and clean all day, every day with this product.

  • Antibacterial layer derived from natural ingredients
  • Strong and absorbent core
  • Prevents growth of bacteria to aid in odor control
  • Provides protection discreetly to help you feel clean and fresh
  • Longer and wider
  • Unscented

Directions for Use: For maximum freshness, change at least twice a day.

Composition: Nonwoven Fabric, Polyolefin, Polyester, Antibacterial Nonwoven Layer, Pulp Cellulose, Silicone Coating Paper, Adhesive Glue.

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Dimensions 19.5 × 6 × 6.8 cm