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Whisper Cottony Clean Regular Non-Wing Sanitary Napkin 20s


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Stay fresh with the Whisper Cottony Clean Regular Non-Wing Sanitary Napkin. It’s made of a breathable, cottony soft material with a light and airy top sheet layer. This pack contains 20, regular-length non-wing pads.

  • Breathable cottony soft material
  • Light and airy top sheet layer
  • Thick, regular length: 23cm
  • Non-wing variant
  • Contains 20 pads

Ingredients: Absorbent Material Topsheet, Backsheet, Adhesive, Perfume, Ink.

Directions for Use: Peel off the wrapper from the back of the pad. Stick the pad on your panty and press firmly.

Disposal Instructions: Wrap the pad with its outer wrapping film and throw it in a dustbin. To prevent clogging of drains, do not flush pads.

Caution: Do not flush contents.

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Dimensions 12 × 7.5 × 18 cm